$10 / Month

Enjoy all the same perks as the Basic membership plan with the addition of some powerful training tools to help you take your performance to the next level.

Extensive Workout Library

  • Growing library of CX, MTB, Road, and strength workouts
  • Easy to understand objective focused workouts, allowing you to build your own plan based on your own objectives
  • Easily searchable workout library based on desired training objectives

Discounted Training Plans

  • 25% off any of our training plans in our training plan library
  • Accumulate and keep purchased training plans in your training plan library
  • Load you training plan in your training plan calendar or print it out as PDF

Host & Share Files

  • Load and share training & fitness related files in your membership account
  • Keep any important bike fit, training zone, nutritional, and any other documents accessible from anywhere you can access your account

Additional Features

  • Chat, Social Groups, Forum, Members Map
  • Blog Platform
  • Discount on products from our partners and specials on offerings from Threshold Endurance Sports.


$10 / Month

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