Cyclocross Training Plans:


We've taken the same great training philosophies and workouts we use to coach our athletes and created a series of training plans that can be done at various times of the season and are based around your current fitness and goals.  This allows you to create a somewhat custom season plan using our training plans as the building blocks to a successful season.



What philosophy do our plans follow?

1) Start by building a solid Aerobic Base, which is the foundation everything else is built on.

2) Move into early season preparation to start translating what was done in the base period into speed and race ready power.

3) Start working on Specificity.  This is when you will start to be able to try plans that focus on developing specific objectives like improving your sprint, time trialing, etc.... which can be done through the remainder of the season as weaknesses are identified.


12 Week CX Base Training Plans

This plan is geared at the cyclist wanting to build a steady progressive base to prepare them for their peak event season or race season.  You can expect to come out of this plan with some consistent mileage in your legs and some work geared at raising your lactate threshold giving you a strong foundation for your season.  This plan is geared at setting some good groundwork to start your season with which also gives you a solid foundation to continue to build upon as you progress through the season.



Early CX Season Prep Training Plans

These plans are designed to build upon your already existing aerobic base and translate your fitness into what is needed for Cyclocross racing.  You can expect intervals based around improving the potency and repeatability of short and intense efforts, continued threshold work, and technique focused workouts.  This plan is 8 weeks long and should be started a week or two prior to your cx season or at the onset of your cx season.





More Plans Coming Soon!